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Pet care services in South Covington, KY

Offering your dog or cat a home away from home!
When it's necessary to find a pet boarding facility, you want to find the ideal location for your dog or cat! But whether a facility is called a pet resort, doggy hotel or kennel, it is just a building with dog and cat enclosures. It’s the people who own and manage the facility that makes it a safe and caring place for your four-legged family members.

About our facility

Almost Home Pet Resort Inc. is heated and air conditioned, and has a security system that monitors the premises 24 hours a day. Owner Jenny Keene also lives on the premises. As the Keene sisters have been showing, breeding and training their own dogs for over 40 years, they have a true expertise and understanding about the ideal facilities for pet boarding & grooming.
Visit us today to see Almost Home for yourself! No appointments are necessary to visit, just come during our open hours.

Dog accommodations

We offer three types of pet boarding rooms for the canine guests at our Covington facility:
  • Indoor/Outdoor Runs: Where each dog has access to its own outside area, as well as accommodations in our climate-controlled building. 
  • Indoor/Indoor Runs: Where each dog stays entirely in our climate-controlled facility. 
  • Deluxe Rooms: These cozy accommodations are 5-by-8 feet. They have elevated beds, food bowls, and free play areas.
For an additional fee, your dog can enjoy the outside gravel play areas 3 to 4 times a day, regardless of the weather. 

Reservations are strongly encouraged for our pet boarding services!

Cat accommodations

During their stay with us, cats are housed in a separate area with ample windows for bird watching, viewing arriving guests, or just laying about in the sun! Each cat has its own condo with two levels for jumping up and down.

Pet vaccinations and safety measures

For the safety and good health of all of the pets who stay with us in Covington, we require the following vaccinations: 
For Dogs: Rabies/DHLP-P/Bordatella
For Cats: Rabies/Distemper/Feline Leukemia
Proof of shots is required.
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Dog grooming in Covington, KY

The highest quality dog grooming services are available
Your pet's health is important. Proper grooming is an essential part of your pet's care and keeps them looking, and feeling, their best. At Almost Home Pet Resort in Covington, KY, we are committed to helping our clients' pets stay happy, healthy, and clean with our wide range of pet grooming services. 
Call us today to schedule a grooming or to speak with a pet care professional about your dog's needs! You can be sure your pet will have a good grooming experience at Almost Home Pet Resort, Inc.

Before coming to us for pet grooming, please be prepared to show proof of the following shots and vaccinations:
  • For Dogs: Rabies/DHLP-P/Bordatella
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